Re-capping the basics

Lesson powerpoint here

This is a lesson with 2 parts to it: 1. helping students to make changes to their lives and hopefully improve their well-being (this is called self-efficacy) and 2. learning to play the role of the person who helps.

Setting the scene.

  1. Play students the trailer clip from ‘Running to the Limits  (The film maker, Alex Vero and Bruce Tulloh, are both OWs. Alex was unsuccessful in his attempt to qualify for the Beijing Olympics; he tore his achilles tendons during training and was advised to stop running).
  2. There are questions about the clip for the students to answer on the lesson powerpoint. There are materials about the impact/benefits of increased exercise here
  3. Feedback and discuss.

Choosing something to change.

  1. Explain to students that they will work in pairs. Each person will have the opportunity to identify something they would like to do differently this term to enhance their well-being, whilst the person they are paired up will guide them through in a coach-like way, to help them come up with a plan they can stick to.
  2. Spend some time with the students asking them to think about the style of listening and questioning they will need to adopt to get the most out of the conversation (there are some prompting ideas on the slides).
  3. Get the students into pairs or threes and ask them to identify an area of their well-being to improve and identify ways they can go about doing that. There is information about diet heremindsets here and here, exercise here, stress here and sleep here.
  4. Ask students to coach each other through the 6 questions on the slide.
  5. Each student should come up with a clear idea of what they want to change and when they are going to start.
  6. Feed back as a group. Discuss how students can avoid falling back into old habits.

Prep: students should spend the next 2 weeks trying to make the change that they have decided to make. They should write about the effects the change has, how easy it has been to build this new habit and how they have overcome any hurdles they faced.