Managing emotions and kindness

Lesson powerpoint here

  • Briefly discuss last lesson’s reflective task.
  • Remind students of the 4 emotions zones. Ask students in small groups to discuss which zones they’ve been in this week and what caused them to be there.
  • Explain to students that when we’re in either the burnout or the survival zones, there are techniques for getting into the positive or calming zones. These techniques are explained on the info about emotions.
  • Take students through these techniques and ask them in pairs to discuss if they use any of them already and how successful they are. (There is a more detailed PDF by Barbara Fredrickson on creating positive emotions here, using 12 different techniques.)
  • Give students an introduction to meditative practice, one of the best Calming alternatives: there is a 12 minute guided meditation here.
  • Ask students to briefly evaluate how they felt after using meditative practice.


  • One of the best ways to improve our emotional state is to receive kindness or be kind to another person. Ask students to describe to each other the kindest thing another person has ever done for them and the impact it had on them.
  • Share examples.
  • There are 2 short videos here and here about kindness in action:


  • Try out one or more techniques for managing emotions and write about how well it worked.
  • Perform an act of kindness for someone else. Write about it.