Resolving Conflict

Lesson powerpoint here

  • Provide students with the ‘scenarios for group living’. In pairs, ask students to come up with solutions to these scenarios.
  • Discuss the solutions that the students propose. Have they come up with ideas that treat everyone concerned with dignity, including the person who has done ‘wrong’? Are they more interested in rules and punishment or harm and repairing relationships? Is one more important than the other? Why?
  • Look at the different types of conflict resolution.
  • Play ‘The Family conflict’ clip up to the point where Emily starts to cry is enough (5mins in).
  • What is the conflict here? How did the parents in the clip attempt to resolve it? Which animal best represents their approach? Were they successful? Why/why not?
  • Ask students, in small groups, to bring to life one of the methods of conflict resolution by applying it to one of the scenarios for group living. What would need to happen for the conflict to be resolved in this way? What would be said? How would it be said? What emotions would be present? How much empathy? How successful would this approach be? Would there be good or bad feeling afterwards?

Prep: Notice times over the next week where conflicts arise: how well do they get resolved? Write about it.