2. Giving and taking reasons on the Low Ropes

Aims of session:

  • For pupils to be able to give/communicate a reason for action to a group.
  • For pupils to be able to consider a reason for action from others.

Activities: (N.B. the Low Ropes activities can only be led by people who have been trained). 

  1. Use human jenga or the swamp crossing (ropes and cables section near the green lock-ups).
  2. Explain to pupils that there are 2 keys to succeeding on these 2 elements: 1). Remaining calm; 2.) being able to suggest ideas and listening to the ideas of others.
  3. Take pupils through the elements.
  4. If/when the activity breaks down, reflect on whether the 2 keys are being used and if not, what can they do to remain calm as a group and how can they improve how they listen to and evaluate suggestions/make suggestions in a way that guarantees they are considered by the rest of the group?