Sleep, Diet, Exercise.

Lesson powerpoint here

  • Play Wall-E clip
  • What are the energy levels of the humans in the clip like? Why might that be?
  • Ask students to try to identify the things that will increase their energy levels and the things that will decrease their energy levels.
  • Discuss. Emphasise need for proper fuelling (balanced energy levels), proper rest (8 – 9 hours sleep a night) and regular exercise (at least 5 x 35 minutes per week).
  • Split class into small groups. Give each group one of the 3 case studies about diet/energy from the lesson powerpoint. Ask them, using the 3 information sheets about diet, sleep and exercise, to identify what the person in their role play is doing well/badly and what might be happening in their life (mood, ability to work etc).
  • Identify what the student might need to do better.
  • Ask groups to present their findings back to the class.Ask students to identify what they would like to try to do better for themselves: fuelling, exercising or resting and make a plan to do it.

Prep: ask pupils to enact this plan and write about any effect it has.