Lesson powerpoint here

  • Briefly discuss last week’s reflective task: what is the impact of empathising with another person on them?
  • Play trust game: ‘counting’, ‘wind in the willows’ or ‘falling’: here are some instructions. How well did they do to establish trust?
  • Ask students to imagine trust as a bond between people. What strengthens that bond and what weakens it? Have a look at the cartoon images on the lesson powerpoint which suggest some of the different ways that trust may be built between people.
  • Play clip from ‘The Horse Whisperer
  • What does Robert Redford’s character do to make Scarlett Johansson’s character trust him? How is it connected to empathy?

Trust online.

  • Ask students to think about the most trusting relationship they have. Ask them to identify what the ingredients of that trust are.
  • Some people suggest that it’s much harder to read signals about who we can trust when we go online. Do students agree? Why/why not? Have a look back at the cartoon image slide: how many of these things are available to us when building relationships with people online?
  • Show students the slides about trust and being online. Ask them how the 4 features of the internet: persistence, visibility, spreadability and searchability might affect how easy it is to build trust. Perhaps ask them to think about scenarios for each of these features could be used to either build or break trust (e.g. the choice to screenshot and share or not screenshot and share).
  • Give students ‘staying safe online’ sheet and ask them to explain what they can do to increase trust when they are online.

Prep: Ask students to write about what they do (or need to do differently) to stay safe online.