What are we like together?

Lesson powerpoint here

  • Set students the following challenge. Split them into two groups. Give each group 3 newspapers and a roll of packing tape (old newspapers available from CR, IRM will provide packing tape). Each group has 20 minutes to construct a cage big enough for one of them to get in, with a working door.
  • Discuss how well they worked as a group. What roles did people take: leader, peacemaker, worker, bystander, prisoner, critic etc. How competitive were the two groups with each other?
  • Suggest the idea that the students will probably be together for the next 5 years. Ask them to write down what they are already doing well to build strong and positive relationships and then ask them to identify and explain what they will need to do better.
  • Discuss.
  • What elements of the College’s 5 values (Courage, Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, Integrity) did they see enacted during the cage build? How?

Understanding Flourishing.

  • The Well-being course is all about helping students to bring about their own and others’ flourishing.
  • Play students the first 9 minutes of ‘A Boy Called Alex’
  • Ask students to identify if Alex is flourishing or not. What are the ingredients of his flourishing? Discuss in small groups and feedback to whole class.
  • Show students the definition of flourishing from the Government Office for Science on the lesson powerpoint. Does this deepen their understanding of flourishing?
  • Ask students to individually identify what they are already doing well with flourishing and what they would like to do more of. Discuss if you feel it appropriate.

Prep: Over the next week, look out for the aspects of living together that they and their peers are best at. Write about it.