The natural world

Lesson powerpoint here.

Lesson objectives:

  1. To reflect on our connection with and dependence on the natural world and the impact of the planet upon us.
  2. To think about the effect that humans are having on the planet.
  3. To make a commitment to do one thing that will help ensure the survival of the planet for future generations.

Our connection with nature.

  • Play pupils the What a Wonderful World video. Ask them what effect it had on them.
  • Ask pupils to think of their favourite place in the natural world. Ask them to describe it, to describe how they feel when they are there and to then share this with the person next to them.
  • Take examples as a whole class.
  • Ask pupils to discuss in small groups why it might be important for humans to have a connection with and relationship to the natural world.
  • Ask pupils to read the 2 extracts from Iris Murdoch and Robert Macfarlane (on slides) and ask if this gives them any reasons why the natural world is so important.
  • Discuss the ideas from the small groups as a whole class.

If it matters, why do we harm it?

  • Play pupils the Man (and the environment) video.
  • Ask pupils to explain why, if the natural world matters so much to us, do we seem so intent on damaging it? Ask them to discuss this in groups, then take ideas as a whole class.
  • Play pupils the Our Future video and then ask them each to think of one thing that they can commit to doing which may help ensure that the planet survives for future generations.

Prep: Ask students to put their commitment into action.