Incontinence is where you think or believe that it is right to do one thing and you then act against your own judgement, by failing to do whatever it is or doing something completely different/contrary.

Lesson powerpoint here

The facts about smoking. 

  • Play students the clip from ‘we love cigarettes
  • Ask students to jot down what they know about smoking.
  • Is there any good reason to start and continue to smoke? (Let’s hope the answer is no). Ask students to explain why (intelligent) people start and get addicted to smoking?
  • Feedback some answers.

Incontinence and smoking. 

  • Ask students to read the case study on incontinence.
  • There are some questions on the lesson powerpoint for them to answer about this. Ask students to work in small groups to develop some answers to these questions.
  • Feedback as a class.

Overcoming our incontinence. 

  • Ask students, individually, to identify any areas where they are incontinent and to write them down (there is a slide with a prompt on it).
  • Ask students to look back to their ‘my values and virtues’ sheet from last lesson and identify which of their virtues they could use to overcome their incontinence.

Virtues, vices and incontinence case study.

  • Play documentary clip about Hanadi Jaradat, a Palestinian suicide bomber.
  • Is what we see in this story an example of virtue, vice or incontinence? Or is it something else, such as evil?
  • Discuss in small groups and feedback.

Prep: Between lessons, ask students to notice when they are incontinent and try to employ virtues to overcome their incontinence.